7 Patio Life Commandments

1. Make your patio a cell phone, IPad, personal communications device free zone.
Make it a habit to drop your electronic leashes in a basket by the door to your patio. At first it might be a difficult thing to do and you may find yourself jonesing for a text. But when your brain slows down enough to switch itself into "patio mode"
you will find yourself not wanting your untethered time to end.

2. Have enough furniture for everyone to sit on at the same time.
Nothing is worse than trying to relax while somebody is standing around with a drink in their hand because there is no place for them to sit or put their drink down. Your patio is a haven of rest and relaxation, there is no point in having people over to enjoy an evening and not have every person there be comfortable.

3. Get some fans.
These come in outdoor ceiling fan variety, standalone and even table fans. Summer evenings can be a bit sticky and close, especially if you have people over. There is no reason why you have to not enjoy your evening because the person sitting next to you is drenched with sweat and beaming a fog of perspiration in your direction.  Blecch.

4. Invest in a patio heater.
Summertime is a great time to relax on the patio. But a patio heater can help you enjoy your outdoor space even when it starts to get chilly outside. They come in lots of different styles now, from fireplaces and fire pits to chimeneas. There is probably one that fits your style of patio. And talk about how cool you can be, if you throw a patio party in in late fall or even winter.

5. Ditch the time keeping apparatus.
Just like with cellphones, make your patio a timekeeping free zone. or maybe even get one of those clocks where all the numbers are 5:00 PM. Put a little sign over your outdoor bar that says "Its Always patio Time"

6. Replace your patio furniture cushions before they get all ratty and beat up. Make your patio a little oasis in the middle of your life and your day. paying attention to the details like cushion replacement is a great way to ensure that you are telling yourself you deserve a fine place to relax.

7. Whenever you can, have your meals outside your home on your patio. Breakfast cereal outside watching the day wake up – perfect. Lunchtime sandwiches and chips – more elegant when you are on your patio. Coffee break time – coffee tastes way better when you have it on the patio. Happy hour – bring those drinks and snacks outside for more fun. Dinnertime – the perfect time to enjoy a meal together in a relaxing atmosphere. Nightcaps – put the day to rest with some quiet time to reflect.

Now you don't have to "obey" these commandments to the letter. But if you take a couple minutes to take a look through them and find some additional way to treat yourself in the course of the day; your life will be ever so much more relaxed and delightful.